The ol' anglo-saxon term for destiny. Is wyrd.The word, can influence destiny. Can alter the course of the space-time continuum. Yes, there is a cosmic thread and a sealike energy around all of us right now.The word of god or christian prayer and material (gideons bible) to me, is magical word. Why? Words have power. … Continue reading Wyrd

The Quantum Envelope (Spirit Threshold)

Or should I say holy spirit.To imbue a space, or say.. a property.. with the holy spirit.. to enchant.. to bring forth the light.. to invoke god..Pray pray pray pray pray pray pray and then pray again, and you'll get there.They'll try to stop you of course or whatever but it doesn't matter because you … Continue reading The Quantum Envelope (Spirit Threshold)


By definition it means to express or to show pity for. A waste.People who care will love or intend actual healing upon others. Call me an extremist, sure.So much of our society posting 'thoughts and prayers' is naught. Are you actually posting a prayer? Are you actually invoking the holy spirit?People get together in a … Continue reading Commiserating