The temptation of darkness, and staying strong in the light

For too long, I was wrought with darkness as much of this planet is, thinking fighting dark with dark is the only way.For naught.We fail to see, in the seemingly neverending abyss which dwells in our homeworld here that we can sustain ourselves by staying in the light.People think they must do this, or must … Continue reading The temptation of darkness, and staying strong in the light

Find the hope.

Feel like everything is falling apart? It is.A civilization built on weak pilars is meant to crumble.Expect all things to come to darkness because as always, the darkest hour precedes the dawn.Demons everywhere. Plagues and insidiousness and absolute madness.. where is the hope?We must dig. For more often than not, we do not know what … Continue reading Find the hope.

Non toxic masculinity

A gentleman, mr. perfect.. opens the door for everyone.. smiles and bows in respect to all he sees.The true knight in shining armor.. convoluted and shrouded away like a well kept secret.. A father figure to those who need him.. even withstanding those with very obvious father issues (like most people).Most of all, nontoxic masculinity … Continue reading Non toxic masculinity